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Legal persons

Purchase / sale of securities is made based on contracts and orders. Prior to the issuance of orders to buy or sell, it is necessary to conclude a contract on securities trading in the head office of SEE Investment Solutions, and that contract requires the following documentation:


1. Copy of company registration certificate

2. Copy of ID number

3. Company bank account number submitted on the (company) memorandum

4. Copy of ID card or passport of the company’s director


1. Apostil certified copy of company registration certificate

2. Apostil certified copy of companies ID or tax number (or equivalent registration number in origin country)

3. Company bank account number (SWIFT, IBAN) submitted on the (company) memorandum

4. Apostil certified passport copy of the company’s director and (optional) other authorized person (for purchase / sale of shares)

Business rules and price list are given to the client for inspection prior to concluding the contract and are available to clients in all offices of SEE Investment Solutions, on our web page at any time during the validity of the contract.

After signing the contract and prior to issuing the first orders, SEE Investment Solutions opens a client’s account at the Securities Registry where the securities balance is being recorded on behalf of the client. The client who wants to issue a purchase order is required to pay 100% amount in advance of the intended purchase of securities, increased by the amount of transaction costs, to the Deposit account aof SEE Investment Solutions:


UniCredit bank d.d.
Bank account number: 3386902249568049
With a note: prepayment for the securities purchase
Possible price differences are being adjusted after the realisation of the order.


SEE Investment Solutions can, given the ongoing business relationship with the client, the intensity of our business with clients and other reasons, opt for lower payments in advance or no payments in advance during a securities purches on behalf of a client. The client who wants to issue an order for sale of securities must ensure that the securities, which are the subject of sale, are located on the client’s account at the Securities Registry, to be further transfered to the client’s account at SEE Investment Solutions.

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